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Marie-Curie Industry-Academia Partnership Project

SOFORT is a Marie-Curie Industry-Academia Partnership project, which aims to explore the newly demonstrated technique of Cavity Ring-Down Ellipsometry (CRDE). It is a collaboration between the Cavity Ring-Down Ellipsometry group in IESL-FORTH, which demonstrated the technique  in 2009 and SOPRA Lab, a world leading producer of metrology equipment. The CRDE tecnique combines the old and established technique of ellipsometry with the emerging technique of cavity ringdown. For more details on the project, click to the links below

  • an over 100 year old optical technique 
  • probes the dielectric properties of thin films
  • by examining the change of polarization of a light beam caused by reflection
  • Expertises: SOPRA Lab

  • probes the photon lifetime inside a cavity
  • detects traces of absorbing atoms/molecules
  • Experises: IESL-FORTH


IESL-FORTH: T.P.Rakitzis, Benoit Loppinet, Peter Samartzis, Vassilis Papadakis, G. Katsoprinakis, Katerina Stamataki, Dimitris Sofikitis

SOPRA Lab: Jean-Louis Stehle, Jean-Philippe Piel, Xavier Schimowski

PHOTEK:  Panos Kapetanopoulos, James Milnes, Lamar Moore

  • Cavity Ring-Down Ellipsometry (CRDE): demonstration (link)
  • Evanescent Wave  Cavity Eing-Down Ellipsometry (EW-CRDE): demonstration (link)
  • EW-CRDE: state-of-the-art (link)
  • EW-CRDE: inexpensive, commercial prototype (link)
  • Spectroscopic EW-CRDE (link)
  • Multipass ellipsometry (link)
  • Fast acquisition with FPGA (link)
  • Fast acquisition - optical delay lines (link)


  • D. Sofikitis, L. Bougas, G. E. Katsoprinakis, A. K. Spiliotis, B. Loppinet and T. P. Rakitzis “Evanescent-wave and ambient chiral sensing by signal-reversing cavity ringdown polarimetry” Nature 514, 76–79 (2014)

D. Sofikitis, K. Stamataki, M. A. Everest, V. Papadakis, Jean-Louis Stehle, B. Loppinet and T. Peter Rakitzis "Sensitivity enhancement for evanescent-wave sensing using cavity-ring-down ellipsometry" Optics Lett. 38 8 1224 (2013)

J.-L. Stehle, P.C. Samartzis, K. Stamataki, J.-P. Piel, G.E. Katsoprinakis, V. Papadakis, X. Schimowski, T.P. Rakitzis and B. Loppinet, “Multi-pass Spectroscopic Ellipsometry”, Thin Solid Films 555, 143-147 (2014)

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M. A. Everest, V. M. Papadakis, K. Stamataki, S. Tzortzakis, B. Loppinet and T. P. Rakitzis "Evanescent-Wave Cavity Ring-Down Ellipsometry" Journal of Phys. Chem. Lett. 2 1324 2011